What kind of high voltage switch cabinet are there?

by:Mings     2020-07-01

high-voltage switchgear is used in power system, power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and energy consumption on and off, control or protection role, also known as the high pressure of complete sets of power distribution equipment, it was mainly used for high voltage circuit breaker in complete sets of power distribution equipment, voltage grade 3. 6 ~ 550 kv electrical equipment, including high voltage circuit breaker, high-voltage disconnector and earthing switch, high voltage load switch, high-pressure automatic reclosing and section, high pressure operating mechanism, several kinds of the high voltage explosion-proof power distribution device. Manufacturing of high voltage switch is an important part of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing, occupies very important position in the whole electric power industry. Follow below small make up to find out: what are the types of high voltage switch cabinet?

a) Indoor type and outdoor type

from the resettlement in high-voltage switchgear to points, can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type two kinds, more than 10 kv and below the indoor type. According to a different line scheme, can be divided into the outlet switchgear, contact oil, switchgear, bus section ark, etc. In the outlet and inlet line of 10 kv switchgear more installation less oil circuit breaker or vacuum circuit breaker, the breaker with the operation mechanism for the spring operating mechanism, or electromagnetic operating mechanism and also have with manual operating mechanism or permanent magnetic operating mechanism. Different switch cabinet has great difference in the structure, this will affect the selection and installation of sensors.

2) Stationary and moving open

from the use of high voltage switch cabinet, can be divided into fixed and open. Ago, power plant auxiliary power system used to move the open type switchgear, and power supply system with fixed cupboard more. With the progress of science and technology and the development of new products successfully, a lot of idioms are changing, too. Such as metal armoured move open type switchgear is developed on the basis of fixed type switchgear. Metal armoured open type switchgear is fully enclosed structure, each function Chambers separated from each other, normal operation performance and prevent wrong operation function and perfect and reasonable, maintenance is convenient, its operation safety reliability greatly improved.

3) The development of the high voltage switch cabinet

in recent years, with the development and popularization of the technology of vacuum circuit breaker, as metal enclosed type switchgear of armoured move open switch equipment of the new development has been quickly developed. In the cupboard is more, the advantages of the most important thing is handcart miniaturization and mechanization of production process, causes the handcart and guide the production of more accurate. Even there are a number of manufacturers of products, the handcart includes the main circuit breaker and cabinet put oneself in another's position need not one-to-one debugging in the factory, factory respectively after delivery to the site, it is easy to debug successful, also can ensure the handcart in and out of the flexible and convenient. Because of this product has good compatibility, the ground level condition on site is very small. This metal armoured move open type switchgear safe and reliable operation, maintenance is convenient. So the power supply system USES is more and more.

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