What kind of silicone rubber cold cable accessories be affected

by:Mings     2020-07-18
Cold cable accessories according to user needs, and can realize the insulation of the cable shielding layer, through connection. Conductors in the cable joint adopts hex die tonnage pressure by the regulation, small contact resistance, strong mechanical strength, can satisfy completely the requirements of normal operation and short circuit operation line. Cold cable accessories excellent physical and mechanical performance: in general, the average tensile and tear strength of silicone rubber is low, to improve the silicone rubber tearing resistance, tensile elongation decreases, the hardness will increase; And used in the manufacture of cold shrink power cable accessories of silicone rubber, requirements at the same time have A high elongation strength, low hardness and high tensile resistance to tear strength, elongation is 800%, shaw A 45 degree of hardness, tensile strength up to 10 mpa, tear up to 30 kn/m. Cold cable accessories products resistance to tracking ability should be 1 a3. Level 5. Usually the method of enhancing resistance silicone rubber tracking ability is a large amount of adding aluminum hydroxide; However, a lot of after add these packing, will inevitably increase the hardness of silicone rubber, the lower the elasticity. Company has developed the advanced technology in does not affect the silicone rubber hardness, flexibility, expansion ability premise, the resistance to tracking capacity of 4. Level 5. And the technology also make silicone rubber has a strong ability of hydrophobic, rain in the manufacturing of cold shrink cable termination, neither from film, also won't form a conductive path; It can wash away the dust on the surface of the layer. Can significantly improve the electrical performance of cold cable terminal, the application of heat shrinkable cable accessories and explore the dark group, in a relatively short size relatively large leakage within the distance of the flash. Yueqing city electric power equipment co. , LTD. The main products are cable branch box, shrinkage cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories, ring network cabinet, gas cabinets, cable joint, etc. , is a collection of science and technology research and development, production and manufacturing, product sales for the integration of electric power equipment co. , LTD.
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