When the choose and buy post insulator manufacturer need to pay attention to the problem

by:Mings     2020-05-16

post insulator son got very good application of our electric power industry. It is our company produced a new type of power equipment. So we to its quality is very high, so in the choose and buy when we need to question is very much, the following is the content of the post insulator manufacturer to bring us the product knowledge. The use of the post insulator occupies a certain position in our work, the product in the power engineering surface coated galvanized layer of carbon steel or carbon structural steel. And will be able to separate external insulation structure, mechanical strength and umbrella skirt sheath bear mandrel, mechanical and electrical load effect of mechanical stress and connected main fixation. Polymer insulation materials manufacturing structure of organic new composite post insulator, by a sheath of mandrel, umbrella skirt ( Adhesive layer) A few parts, hardware connection and accessories. Composed of resin glue line connected to display and FRP rods, top part of the internal insulation, selects the creep of have reinforced fiber and resin, to ensure the mandrel has superior mechanical and electrical functions. Reduce the mechanical strength of insulator, has lost string is disorder, be affected with damp be affected with damp is constitute the basic premise of the insulator operation. Forming the outer insulation of the insulator superior, silicon rubber umbrella skirt sheathed with superior hydrophobic nature, make the moisture on the surface of water and difficult to form a continuous water film. The content of the above is our post insulator manufacturer to bring us knowledge of the product. It for our electric power industry has brought the very big help. If you want to learn more product knowledge, can focus on our website. Later will have more news. Looking forward to you for a long-term cooperation with us.

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