Why can't the cold cable accessories completely replace the heat shrinkable cable accessories

by:Mings     2020-07-20
First of all, from the cold of the specifications of the cable accessories, subject to constraints is too small, it cannot do so in the low voltage cable accessories limited use, especially the small square cross section is impossible. Second, about the oil filled cable cold not applicable, it can not block oil, constrain the cold cable accessories on the oil filled cable to use. Else, it offer is about 5 ~ 6 times that of the heat shrinkable cable accessories, economic situation in some thinking, not be preferred. From the skill level, the primary function of cold shrink cable accessories on its discharge characteristics, heat shrinkable cable accessories of inductive function own must have the advantage. In terms of equipment, cold cable accessories device for heat shrinkage cable accessories in unit time is short, after the device can be either cold cable accessories relatively advantage. To sum up, the cold cable accessories to completely replace heat shrinkable cable accessories, is unlikely, click the cold cable accessories and heat shrinkable cable accessories. In fact, users do not believe that some manufacturers that misleading, according to its industrial and mining conditions, to choose the variety of cable accessories. Any commodity, has its own way, completely dead, is unlikely. In fact, pouring, winding and cable accessories such as use has come near fifty years, but it is still in use.
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