Why disc hanging glass insulator failure since the explosion, what reason be

by:Mings     2020-07-06

disc hanging glass insulator because of the failure since the explosion, so is no better than that of the composite insulator are widely in application, what exactly is that causes the failure of its sexual blow itself up, we will in this article about the causes of glass insulator from exploding.

toughened glass insulator has excellent mechanical and electrical performance, the tensile strength of toughened glass is 212 times that of the porcelain, electric breakdown resistance of 314 ~ 413 times that of porcelain, resistance to vibration fatigue, arc burns and cold and hot shock resistant performance is better than that of the porcelain insulator. But Na2O in glass composition, more easy to be polluted surface leakage current.

glass insulator in the process of manufacturing, will be molding products under the lower temperature than the softening deformation temperature, quickly take out from the furnace, using multiple nozzles blowing cold air quench steel, make glass surface produce a large compressive stress, prevent the formation of surface crack, expansion effect of resistance force. When toughened glass insulator entity internal defects ( Such as vitreous body residual impurities) Or by large external shocks, insulator vitreous outer compressive stress is damaged and the balance of internal tensile stress, tensile stress inside the 'release', make vitreous explosion shattered, this is the reason why glass insulator timeliness explosive.

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