Why do some across the tower with double string insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-06

for insulator will have off string accident ( Is the insulator rupture, lead the whole on the ground) , so as far as possible in order to reduce the string of the damage to the ground staff at the time of the accident, but also to double insurance, so most of the power supply company requirements in such large span highway river railway crossing using double string insulator.

some cross using double insulator string is in order to improve the reliability of cross profile, prevent lead to fall from the tower, security threats cross. In addition, due to large span wires comprehensive load is very large, more than a single string of insulator string is allowed to load, in this case, with a string of insulator string.

usually, this is according to insulator string model and under tension to determine, through design calculation. But in the same local meteorological conditions were small, only by experience according to conductor size can determine, for example we LGJ - here 185/30 of the tension strings, can use a bunch of XP - 100, can also use two series of XP - 70, to conform to the standard.

where some important across the other, in order to ensure safety, in general, use double string.

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