Why heat shrinkable cable accessories and terminal head will eventually be replaced by cold cable terminal head?

by:Mings     2020-06-29

since the 1990 s, the high voltage cable head for metallurgical industry have been made by the heat shrinkable cable terminal head or the joint in the middle of the production process. Cold cable terminal is accepted by people and increasingly popular because of the cold cable accessories products themselves by powerful attributes to consumers, fashion trend is bound to be changed according to the be fond of of people, so the cold cable accessories products with more and more popular because the lock has made great people's lives, popular, is the inevitable trend.

as the rights to add the project quantity, the number of high voltage cable head need to make more and more, such as tangsteel project 1580, more than 10 kv high voltage cable head, a total of more than 500, less skilled personnel cannot meet the need, in order to protect the progress can only let ordinary electric エ involved in production, so it is difficult to ensure the quality of production, although the withstand voltage and leakage current test is unqualified, short-term can also use, but buried the hidden trouble of the accident, simply can not meet the design service life, once appear, super load or by external shocks, cable head breakdown phenomenon will occur and cable head more accidents, the construction unit of heat shrinkable cable head trust gradually reduce, then began to look for the production of other エ art, that is cold cable head production process.

cold cable accessories is to use an elastomer material, We use suzhou fly bo is silicone rubber, for example) Vulcanization molding injected in the factory first, and then after expansion, expansion before using the plastic screw support for internal support.

actually cold cable accessories is mainly reflected in the advantages of the on-site installation, the installation with smoke inside the plastic screw support will shrink, and in the process of contract not because man-made insulating tube contraction uneven phenomenon.

it's use place also is very extensive, where banning the use of fire, heat source can be used, such as oil chemical industry, etc all can use.

one thing is to put forward, the cold cable accessories installation process is to want to operate in strict accordance with the specification, the order cannot be changed, otherwise prone to bubbles in the process of contraction.

after installation cold cable accessories will also be with thermal barrier from the cold and cable and cable synchronized breathing, it can make the cable accessories and cable always maintain a good state, even if the long running also won't appear produce the phenomenon of clearance between cable accessories and cable.

cold cable head production implement the following technical scheme: 1 kind from 1 kv 35 kv cold cable terminal, including cold cable insulation parts and stress, the cold the insulation of the cable terminal head of prefabricated parts and stress as a body, core line, in the process of the expansion in can be extracted from core rope when installation, the cold cable terminal head shrinkage on the surface of cable insulation. Don't need to use the heating tool, overcome the heat shrinkable materials in the operation of the cable, because of the heat bilges cold shrink and the clearance between the cable between ontology and heat shrinkable products, thus more and more widely used.

now, more and more begin to practical use in engineering gradually replace heat shrinkable cable head cold cable accessories.

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