Wire and cable to identify skills

by:Mings     2020-07-09
1, brand identity, brand identity of choose and buy has regular wire and cable. Usually marked with brand or produce in wire and cable packaging manufacturer number, address, contact information and 3 c certification and quality to compete. 2, careful observation wire cable appearance, good quality of wire and cable is the central conductor shall be wrapped in an insulator, insulator appearance luster bright and uniform diameter, particle, black coke content, no bumps and bamboo deformation. 3, pay attention to the flexibility of insulators, good wire cable skinning insulators have must be flexible, not easy craze, while poor wire and cable insulation simple tearing or scrape. 4, according to wire core color, good quality wire and cable copper content is high, the colour with golden light; Color dark red or even black appearance burr and maybe to recycle the waste, a poor quality. 5, pay attention to cable resistance to bending, good soft wire and cable copper resistance to bending, poor number of wire and cable bending rarely easy broken. 6, test the flame retardancy, and good wire cable immediately calm when flame out, and the poor are also spreading combustion flame out.
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