With what kind of electrical insulation safety

by:Mings     2020-07-09

electrical insulating safe appliance according to the can USES are divided into basic and safe appliance and auxiliary and safe appliance.

basic and safe appliance can be direct contact with live part, can reliably for a long time under the working voltage of the device. The commonly used wait like pincers of insulation lever, insulation.

auxiliary and safe appliance is used to further enhance the reliability of the basic and safe appliance and prevent dangerous tool step and touch voltages. Insulating gloves, boots, insulation, insulation, platform, etc.

warm reminder:

can't directly with auxiliary and safe appliance operating high voltage electrical equipment.

treat electrician job always careful, when you meet the thrum exposed or wiring before touching a certain sum of measuring whether there is electricity, electricity determine without power after touch.

safe appliance is insulation must have qualified insulation performance and mechanical strength.

can only be matched its insulation performance of voltage grade of electric devices.

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