Working knowledge of classification of various kinds of insulator

by:Mings     2020-05-19
The classification of the insulator insulator according to the applied voltage can be divided into high voltage insulator and low pressure insulator. Insulator according to the manufacturing data can be divided into the porcelain insulator, glass insulator and organic materials ( The epoxy resin casting) Insulator. Insulator according to the installation site can be divided into indoor insulator and outdoor insulator. Insulator according to its structure and use can be divided into 11 small classes, 48 series. High voltage line insulator the main use of a high voltage line class insulator rigid insulator: including needle porcelain insulator, porcelain crossarm insulator and butterfly porcelain insulator, etc. According to construction methods of high voltage line porcelain crossarm insulator can be divided into the porcelain type, glue type, single arm type and V four; According to device methods can be divided into vertical and level type two kinds; According to 50% of full wave impulse flashover voltage can be divided into 185 kv, 2 lokv, 280 kv, 380 kv, 450 kv, 6 lokv level, etc. Used for high voltage overhead transmission and distribution line, alternative pin type and suspension insulator, and save the growing porcelain. High voltage line butterfly porcelain insulator according to the rated power of subsection 6 kv, lOkV two levels. Used for overhead transmission and distribution line terminals, tension and Angle pole as insulation and anchor wire. Also widely used to match the line suspension insulator, as a component in a circuit hardware, simplify the hardware structure. High voltage line suspension insulator: including disc disc hanging hanging porcelain insulator, glass insulator, porcelain insulator pull rod insulator and ground, etc. High voltage line disc hanging porcelain insulator type and fouling resistance type two kinds. Used for high pressure and ultra-high voltage transmission lines, suspension or tension wires, and make it with pole insulation.
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