Yantai glass insulator different types show different value

by:Mings     2020-07-04
< P> yantai glass insulator different types show different value function, power insulator co. , LTD. , independent research and development production, supply, pottery and porcelain insulator, glass insulator suspension insulator, composite insulator, such as post insulator products, models complete, the price is cheap, our company will provide customers with reliable products and thoughtful service, for details, please log on the Index. HTML < / P> < P> in the actual use can fully demonstrate the good performance advantages, toughened glass insulator has the characteristics of zero since the break, facilitate testing. Said the good function and role of toughened glass insulator has the characteristics of zero since the break. As long as the ground or on the helicopter observation can, without pole one by one to detect, reduces the labor intensity of workers. Insulator the introduction of production line products, since the broken rate of zero percent per year. 020. 04, can save the line maintenance, arc resistance and vibration resistance of good performance, give full play to the important role and value in electric power industry. In the operation of the protective layer and have toughened internal stress, glass insulators under lightning burns new surface is still smooth vitreous body. Therefore, can still keep enough insulation parts and mechanical strength. Fulfillment of 500 kv line has the wires on the disasters caused by ice dancing, the conductor wave after the glass insulator by test, mechanical and electrical performance no attenuation. Toughened glass insulator type: type specification fouling resistance type dc type spherical aerodynamic model with linear electrified railway catenary, different kinds of types in the course of actual use show the important role and value. < / P> < P> < / P>
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