Yichang glass insulator good arc resistance, resistance to aging

by:Mings     2020-07-05
< P> yichang glass insulator arc resistance performance is good, resistance to aging. Electrical insulator co. , LTD. , independent research and development production supply:, pottery and porcelain insulator, glass insulator suspension insulator, composite insulator, such as post insulator products, models complete, the price is cheap, our company will provide customers with reliable products and thoughtful service, for details, please log on the Index. HTML < / P> < P> glass insulator is characterized by the string uniform voltage distribution, glass dielectric constant of 7 ~ 8, than porcelain the dielectric constant of 5 ~ 6, and glass insulator have larger the capacitance. Good self-cleaning ability, accumulate dirt easily cleaning, can be well pollution resistant. Good arc resistance. High mechanical strength, the mechanical strength of toughened glass be able to reach 80 ~ 120 mpa, is 2 ~ 3 times of the ceramic, mechanical properties after long-term operation stability. Due to the transparency of glass, appearance check easily found small defects such as cracks and internal damage. Glass fiber reinforced plastic insulator zero or low since the explosion happens, facilitate found accident hidden trouble, the need for manual testing. Arc resistance performance is good, slow aging process. Drawback is that skirt is easy to crack, in case of destruction force is porcelain insulation damage rate is high, especially in early explosive rate is higher, after the detonation of the hammer must be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise it will due to residual hammer internal glass be affected with damp be affected with damp burning-out, broken string drop accident will happen. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> a: hunchun glass insulator is good quality, abundant new intentions to build < / P> < P> a: ceramic insulator can withstand voltage and mechanical stress < / P>
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