Zero since the explosion, whether to affect the use of the glass insulator

by:Mings     2020-07-07

zero since the explosion, it is to point to the glass insulation column after 'for aging' fall in insulation or gradually disappear.

'zero' explosive refers to the vitreous body bad tempered or containing impurities such as mechanical, electrical, cold and hot load under the action of the spontaneously broken phenomenon. This feature is toughened glass insulation column is better than that of other insulating column is the most significant characteristics. Toughened glass insulation column has no hidden defects, as long as the vitreous body is in good condition without testing, to line patrol inspection department and timely found that provides a great convenience, reduces the operation maintenance cost. And traditional ceramic stigma of insulation breakdown upstart umbrella skirt is still in good condition, must in a shaking table test of its resistance value can be found, operation maintenance workload is big, low efficiency, also easy to cause residual left line running hidden trouble.

after the detonation of insulation column segments still has good tensile strength, can reach more than 80% of the mechanical strength rating. Segments of the electrical performance is also reliable, even with high electric stress, such as the overvoltage caused by flashover across including segments of insulator string, internal arc was segments in the head pressure close the block glass particles, and the arc completely outside. So it won't cause line drops the malignant accident.

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