Zhejiang insulator manufacturer analysis advantages of glass insulator for you

by:Mings     2020-07-04

Beijing heng electrical insulator manufacturer think: the biggest advantages of glass insulator does not need to be zero, zero glass insulator will self destruct. :

glass insulator has good mechanical and electrical performance, its tensile strength and electric breakdown resistance, resistance to vibration fatigue, arc burns and other hot and cold shock resistance are better than that of the porcelain insulator. And unlike porcelain insulator, glass insulator have zero since the explosion insulation self elimination ability, so it is easy to find, don't need to make the insulation test it. Explosive rate is usually higher in the first 3 years, this is the opposite of porcelain insulator. Decades of operation and test data proves that the toughened glass insulator have long-term stability of the mechanical and electrical performance and longer service life. Anti-pollution glass insulator for larger creepage distance, only under the umbrella skirt surface increases a couple of deep edge to achieve ( Because of technology, cannot like porcelain insulator creepage distance by double or three umbrella umbrella) 。 When used in regions with severe dust pollution, because this bell deep edge umbrella self-cleaning, cleaning the inconvenience, poor ability of surface fouling under severe, causing pollution flashover resistance ability is greatly reduced.

after years of practice and application of people found in the surface of glass insulator, high mechanical strength, the fracture appearance is not easy to attack. Glass dielectric strength generally remain unchanged during the whole operation, and the aging process is much more slowly than porcelain, glass insulator, may revoke the insulator in the running process of electric preventive test regularly. This is because the toughened glass each damage will cause the damage to the insulator, operation personnel in the patrol is easy found it. When breakdown, iron cap and steel foot nearby the glass pieces stuck, insulator the remaining part of the insulator string mechanical strength enough to avoid break off. Since the glass insulator broken rate is one of the important target to measure the quality of the product, also for power transmission project, the bid editorial quality according to the target.

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