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by:Mings     2020-05-03
Zinc oxide lightning arrester basic principle: zinc oxide lightning arrester are ideal international over-voltage protector, it USES the zinc oxide resistance as the main original, compared with the traditional silicon carbide arrester, greatly improve the volt-ampere characteristic of the resistors, flow ability, improve the arrester can be made without clearance. Therefore brought the electrical structure of fundamental change. When lightning arrester under normal working voltage, electric current of lightning protection is only microamps level, when suffered from over voltage, lightning arrester excellent non-linear character played a role, thousands of ampere current through the arrester, lightning arrester in the conduction state, overvoltage energy released, thereby preventing the overvoltage of power transmission and transformation equipment. Zinc oxide lightning arrester role: 10 kv distribution network of metal oxide surge arrester lightning arrester main role is to protect electrical equipment from lightning invasion wave overvoltage and operating over-voltage on its equipment insulation damage. Zinc oxide lightning arrester installation: installed correct selection of metal oxide surge arrester use and maintenance items that should be paid attention to, 1) Before installation should proofread nameplate, lightning arrester system of rated voltage points shall be installed with the system voltage in accordance with; ( 2) Arrester is fixed on the bracket, the connection, terminal with high tension line under the terminal should be reliable grounding; ( 3) Surge arrester can not be used as a bearing support insulator, should as far as possible close to the protected equipment installation, in order to reduce the influence of distance of protection; ( 4) Terminal arrester should be installed after falling type fuse, so when open circuit protection for it too, should be put on the low voltage side of transformer low voltage lightning arrester, and reverse transformation in order to prevent overvoltage caused by damage to the transformer. ( 5) Using lightning arrester should be paid attention to using the location of the environment temperature, metal oxide surge arrester is not suitable for installation in a vibration or severely polluted place and the place that has serious corrosion gas; ( 6) Synthesis of metal oxide surge arrester in operation before and each run full two years later, should do the preventive test; ( 7) Metal oxide surge arrester with brass double bottom cover seal, after put into operation, every five years should be preventive test, when measuring the leakage current, in 10 kv dc voltage lightning arrester should be applied on both sides ( Ac pulse is not greater than & plusmn; 1. 5%) E. ; , leakage current in accordance with its products ( 8) Lightning arrester grounding should comply with the code requirements. Zinc oxide lightning arrester selection: arrester on the selection of some problems that should be paid attention to * use place, should be paid attention to on the choice first place is different, lightning arrester model is also different. Distribution type: protect the corresponding voltage grade of switchgear, transformers, box-type variable, cable first-class distribution equipment from the atmosphere and operating over-voltage damage, should select & quot; HY5WS” Metal oxide surge arrester. Plant type: protect the ac electrical equipment in power plant and substation from atmospheric overvoltage and operating over-voltage damage, can choose & quot; HY5WZ' Or & quot; Y5WZ' Type; Electric machine: limitation of vacuum circuit breaker or less oil circuit breaker for rotating machine when the overvoltage, protect a rotary motor from operating overvoltage damage, can choose & quot; HY2。 5 wd” Or & quot; Y2. 5 wd” Type; Capacitor type: inhibition of vacuum circuit breaker or less oil circuit breaker operating overvoltage of capacitor group, damage to protect the capacitor Banks from operating overvoltage, optional & quot; HY5WR” Type. 【 On a message: composite insulator structure is introduced, the advantages of composite insulator 】 【 The next message: the selection of harmonic elimination device, harmonic elimination number shape matching table 】
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